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When leaders BE with Tovi,
this is what they say…

White Feather

This course has been one of my most powerful racial healing experiences. I have spent years reading books and listening to podcasts but nothing ever really stuck until I was called to experience it and talk about it in the container. In one session I could actually feel my body release what felt like intergenerational trauma. Thank you all for providing such a safe and powerful experience!


-Cara Jones

Racial Healing Allies, Cohort 1

Made me think about big ideas

This-was my favorite session. Tovi Scruggs-Hussein was an incredibly intelligent and genuine presenter who made me think about big ideas around engaging black families and practical steps to take to improve my practice in a short amount of time. The session flew by. I was really grateful that I picked it and will try my best to use the tools she provided in the upcoming year! Please invite her back!

"Magic" intangibles and concrete takeaways

The speaker is amazing and facilitated a truly excellent presentation. It both had the "magic" intangibles and the
concrete takeaways I can share with my school team.

Racism discussed by looking within

I feel very grateful for this session. It was very refreshing. For the first time, heard the issue of racism was being discussed without taking sides. Instead, you looked within. I am looking forward to more
workshops with you.

Feel like part of the solution

She had a great energy and presence. She made white participants feel like a part of the solution and not just part of the problem.

Allowed teachers to be reflective on their bias

I thought that Tovi's practice and norms allowed us to voice some of the factors holding back the conversations with African American Families. The structure of the discussion allowed teachers be reflective on their bias toward these
conversations and begin to plan on how to grow in this area.

Reflect on where I am as an educator

Awesome! Amazing! Empowering! Refreshing! Practical! It allowed me to truly reflect on where I am as an educator and how I need to think "inside-out" in order to improve as an educator as well as support my students and families fully.

If my being doesn't change, the strategies don't matter

This session was fire!!! I was challenged through so many critical lenses. I left with a deep need for critical analysis of my own practice and a strong need to re-focus from they to "me." It confirmed my need to refine my work from an inside out perspective. If my being doesn't change, the strategies don't matter.

Practical tools we can use on a daily basis

Tovi, Thank you very much for your training. I felt it was very helpful b/c you provided us with many practical tools we can use on a daily basis. What I liked the most about this training is that we got to
practice the tools you shared with us. The partner activity was difficult, but I appreciated it.


Join me in improving the educational experience for every child and family in our nation. Join me in being a mover, shaker, and a difference-maker!

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