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Mindful Leadership: Be the ‘Fish out of Water’ in the Best Way!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

From the time I started leading more mindfully over 20 years ago, I felt like a fish out of water. Leading right now, many of us feel that way.  But, I promise you this: if you shift your leadership to be more responsive to the needs of those you serve in terms of TIME and CONNECTION and EMPATHY, you will become that standout leader during this time who will be remembered by your team and those you serve as the “leader who gets it.” 

It dawned on me that I had a very technical tool to share with you that supports managing our teams remotely and still fuels a level of connection and empathy.  Plus, it’s meant to be a quickie so we can not spend all of our time in meetings, yet still know what our teams are doing.  Remotely managing our teams right now is not what we are accustomed to.  I get it, that’s why this tool is so helpful.   You see, when I was a high school principal, I was used to seeing my team every day and knowing what they were doing, and managing them directly.  Now, that’s not an option for us.  Fortunately, in my past leadership position as CA’s Regional Executive Director at Partners in School Innovation, a mobile workforce organization, I was part of an executive leadership team (that spanned from CA to Philadelphia) and managed a team (that spanned from bay to bay to bay...with Bay Area traffic, that is no easy feat to manage, trust me). Such distance, yet we all know what we were working on just by talking for 30 minutes each week using a particular protocol. This protocol was one of my absolute favorite things to do each week.  This protocol is not my creation, and it’s totally worth sharing for a time such as this - and beyond. Partners in School Innovation really know how to create SUSTAINABLE remote workforce conditions that are efficient, connected, and productive.  We all need that these days, right?   So, I share with you a protocol to stay connected to your teams.  It’s called “Weekly Huddle Call.” Feel free to use it and share it - can’t have too many useful tools in times like this!  If you have any questions about it, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Tovi Scruggs-Hussein is an author, healer, and award-winning educator with over 25 years of leadership, meditation, and school-transformation experience.  She is on a mission to heal our schools through Adult SEL, Emotional Intelligence via Mindfulness, Equity/ Racial Healing, Family Engagement, and Trauma-Informed Resilience. Tovi’s work is highlighted in ACSA’s Wellness Toolkit as a reputable partner in professional learning.  Tovi is the co-founding teacher of Trauma-Informed Leadership at Mills College and is the National President for Coalition for Schools Educating Mindfully.  Tovi cultivates conscious, connected, and courageous leaders world-wide.

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