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Smokin’ September: Just BE Love.

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

"The moment we choose to love we begin to move against domination, against oppression. The moment we choose to love we begin to move towards freedom, to act in ways that liberate ourselves and others." - bell hooks, Outlaw Culture (1994)

This quote was posted on FB by a dear colleague and Equity Warrior. I hope she smiles when she sees this here.

I AM choosing to BE Love - at all times. Even when I’m not entirely sure how. For now, be-ing love looks like continuing to be positive and share my very human struggle with all that 2020 has us facing. This -ish is hard ya’ll. I’ve got my tools and over 25 years of self-mastery work and 2020 is still giving a sista a workout, in every sense of the word. Yet, I anchor to two mantras on my Sacred Altar Space that say, “my courage always rises” and “Love Anyway.” I share this randomly (or somewhat) to simply inspire in some way, to offer a few words that will encourage you in some way, big or small...trusting that what is in my spirit will resonate in the spirit of others. 

Often, as I drive through parts of Oakland or Alameda or Berkeley - just to see the outside world in real life - I feel surreal in what I see as I watch shops go out of business, restaurants muster up make-shift out-door seating, folks in masks, and teenagers still holding hands...and I get teary and just much longer? And the more I breathe into that question - the “longer” isn't the real issue, it is fear of my “safety” - in every sense of the word. Not feeling physically safe to be out of my home, not feeling emotionally safe to be all of me in my work, not feeling psychologically safe to offer my “radical” thoughts on allyship and racial healing, not feeling safe and secure in what is known. Then I realized, “Chic, you’ve got spiritual safety. You are safe as can be. Trust and just BE love.”

So, yeah, I’m gonna trust and BE love. Everything else just feels too hard of a lift. Choosing love has shifted me, again, and I feel liberation to stay the course of my vision and mission: to assist the world in global healing and transformation. Perhaps you want to join me. If so, just choose Love.

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