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Racial Healing Allies

Welcome Allies!

Our organizations and companies become more equitable and inclusive when the leadership becomes more equitable and inclusive.  There is no systemic-transformation without self-transformation. 


Here’s your opportunity to be intentional about your next steps of transformation and growth for yourself, your family, your team, or your entire organization. It is undeniable - we are in the midst of a systemic racial reckoning that we continue to witness almost daily.  What is your role in this?  ALLYSHIP.  Further, if you are a leader, your role is to support those you lead in becoming SKILLFUL ALLIES.  And Skillful Allyship requires EMBODIMENT, not a “tell me what to do” mindset. When we don’t know what to “do” it’s because we don’t know how to “be.”


Anchoring to my unique approach, my team and I have created two signature programs to make this as easy as possible for you.  It’s “plug & play” and our programs will show you the way.  Through our signature programs, we support the awareness and skills needed so that all levels of the leadership and organization fully participate.  The programs have been curated with emotionally intelligent leadership development, racial healing, neuroscience, and trauma-responsiveness. Our work is designed to get you doing what most say is hardest to do: have difficult race-based conversations with compassion and growth for actionable behaviors, resulting in systemic change. 


So many organizations and leaders get "the work" wrong because they take it upon themselves to govern everyone's learning for this work, which often results in gate-keeping and avoiding “the work.”  That is a colonized-mindset rooted in white dominant culture. The most wise thing is to create autonomy in this work by providing both protected time and the investment for those that are WILLING and have a genuine desire to do this work.  It doesn't negate that, yes, you should offer org-wide training, but it does allow for those under your leadership who want to engage deeply to not be dependent on or slowed down by the pace of the organization.  Let the energy of the employees contribute to the DEIB work simply by them engaging and growing at a pace they welcome.  It shows that you value DEIB, support your staff, and are engaging in the work at levels that are do-able, allowing you to still focus on your work at hand. 


Racial Healing Allies™ has a signature approach, fostering a movement of allies contributing to the global healing needed for all of humanity to prosper in consciousness, connection, and courage.  Consider this your invitation to join the movement. 

Course participants can receive graduate-level professional development credit through Brandman University.

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Open Hearts and Mouths (OHM)

Practicing Peace in Hard Conversations

This is currently not a public program.

If you are interested in OHM as a private program for your organization, please contact Tovi.


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A portion of proceeds are donated to Coalition of Schools Educating Mindfully


Edmond Manning RHA Testimonial
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This class was fantastic. Absolutely transformative in the best possible way. And, WOW, what a safe container! I really believe the only reason I went so deep into this work was the safety of this container."

- Edmond Manning
Mindful Allyship & Embodied Allyship