Racial Healing and Equity

An Adult SEL-based approach to Racial Healing & Equity

Healing in education? Absolutely. We must heal.  Healing is a natural process; it serves our resiliency and our wellness.  Healing is restoration - it restores us to wholeness. You cannot serve from a place of wholeness if you have not done your own work to serve those that are relying on you to be whole in order to best serve them.


Healing is not only personal growth, it is professional development. If you work with children and are in service to others, it becomes even more imperative.  If we work in service of others, especially as a leader, then healing is part of our own professional development and moral responsibility to those that we serve because:

You can not teach what you do not embody.

-Tovi Scruggs-Hussein

Tovi's Approach to Equity Work


In today's world dynamics, we know that the issues of race are becoming more and more pervasive in our lived experience. Race plays a role in our leadership and our teaching, whether intentionally or not. In our work and in our lives, race shows up and is mirrored back to us in our overall sense of “equity and inclusion” - whether we are exploring this critical topic from being a person of color or not…


Why a focus on racial healing?  Because our leadership lens is often reflected by our overall relationship to “whiteness.” Whiteness refers to “a set of cultural practices that are usually unmarked and unnamed.” Our schools operate in whiteness. Being raised in this society, whether a person  of color or not, we are impacted by these very "sets of cultural practices that are usually unmarked and unnamed."  Thus, a large focus of my approach to  equity work explores how we must embrace race & our lived experience with whiteness a part of our work in order to be more impactful and effective in getting the outcomes we want with our students and families – and colleagues. How do we embrace the potential and/or lived reality of the discomfort of all of this? How might we extend an invitation to ourselves to heal? This is some of what we will explore together…and engage in deep reflection of how this impacts our embodiment, our leadership, and our lives. 


The blessing is that in my more than 25 years as being a leader of equity, I have cultivated both the emotional/relational competencies and the technical skills to support, coach, and develop them in others.  In my workshops, dialogue is always compassionate and direct - that is why participants get results. This is work I am deeply committed to and have done enough of my own inner work to be able to meet this work with the grace, compassion, and kindness that is needed to grow others in this critical aspect of our leadership development.


Again, we cannot successfully transform our schools until we have successfully transformed ourselves.

“Mindful Allyship: An Intro Course for

Heart-felt Racial Healing”


First in a series of offerings for Racial Healing Allies


4-Week Introductory Course

July 1, July 8, July 15, July 22

Wednesdays @
1 - 3 pm (PST), 3 - 5 pm (CST), 4 - 6 pm (EST)

Early Bird Ticket


No Longer Available

Course Ticket


Available until June 21

20% of proceeds are donated to

Coalition of Schools Educating Mindfully


In this live, online e-course, we will deep-dive into the inner work of racial healing. We will investigate how racism operates in us and through us, explore the systemic nature of racial oppression, and develop racial literacy for more effective engagement on this difficult topic. We will incorporate readings from leading racial justice advocates.  Throughout this intellectually and emotionally rigorous course, mindfulness, meditation, and a variety of other healing exercises will sustain us throughout our work. Participants will engage in deep conceptual learning, interactive exercises, personal reflection, and dedicated small group exploration.  Join us to become an empowered racial healing ally in your school, organization, community, and beyond.  You will be provided with a workbook and journal; you will be asked to purchase one text for the course. With successful course completion, you will receive an anti-bias training certificate and the option to earn continuing education units (CEU’s).  NOTE: This course is designed to hold a shared container for all of us; it is not an affinity course.  


  • Utilize the foundation of mindful awareness necessary for this work

  • Explore individual racial identity 

  • Understand and recognize : 

    • Systemic racism/whiteness

    • Implicit bias

    • White fragility 

  • Become racially literate in order to improve ability to talk about race and racism  

  • Develop ability to challenge negative/harmful racial thoughts and behaviors

  • Connect with a caring community of people committed to racial healing & justice

  • Accept the ongoing nature of this work and a path to continue your journey

  • Anti-bias Training Certificate

Logistics of Introductory E-Course


This deep-dive introductory course will follow a weekly format of reading, our live virtual session of 2 hours, and an Ally-Pod group session of 1 hour.  Your Ally-Pod will have ~4 members and will be given a format and prompts/activities each week.  Your Ally-Pod will be assigned during Session #1, where you will get to exchange emails and select your first meeting date.  You can expect to invest at least 5 hours weekly for 4 weeks in this work.   


If you miss a live session, you may listen to the recording which will be available for 5 days.  This timeline is to intentionally keep you at pace with the group and your Ally-Pod. 


Course includes a workbook. All participants also have life-time access to the private Racial Healing Allies FB Page - a community of like-minded equity warriors engaged in "the work" where healing conversations, compassionate debate, thought-partnership, sharing, and resources are highly encouraged.  All participants will earn an Anti-Bias Training Certificate upon completion of post-survey.


Continuing Education Units (CEUs) - more information coming soon.


There are no refunds.  You may use the amount towards a financial credit in a future Racial Healing Ally offering.  


QUESTIONS? Please email racialhealingallies@gmail.com 

Your growth and development in this course will be skillfully and compassionately held by the following facilitators:
Tovi Scruggs-Hussein

Tovi Scruggs-Hussein is an author, healer, and award-winning educator with over 25 years of leadership, meditation, and school-transformation experience.  She is on a mission to heal our school system through conscious and transformational leadership development with integrations of Adult SEL, Emotional Intelligence via Mindfulness, Equity/ Racial Healing, and Trauma-Informed Resilience. Tovi’s work is highlighted in ACSA’s Wellness Toolkit as a reputable partner in professional learning.  Tovi is a certified coach and has been personally trained by Brene Brown as a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. Tovi is the co-founding teacher of Trauma-Informed Leadership at Mills College and is the National President for Coalition for Schools Educating Mindfully.  Tovi cultivates conscious, connected, and courageous leaders world-wide. www.ticiess.com

Sally Albright Green

Sally Albright Green is an instructional coach, and mindfulness practitioner and trainer. She has her MEd in Curriculum and instruction, is a Certified Teacher Evaluator in the state of Illinois, and sits on the board of the Coalition of Schools Educating Mindfully.  She spent fourteen years teaching 8th grade ELA in a large ethnically diverse middle school, and is now a Teaching and Learning Coach at a K-5 Title 1 school in suburban Chicago. She has taken courses provided by Mindful Schools, The Mindsight Institute, Mindful Leadership and UCSD Center for Mindfulness.  She began studying her racial identity almost twenty years ago, and has worked to incorporate her sensitivities about race into her day to day life in and out of school. Sally understands the idea that teachers and students will thrive, when stakeholders work to correct the impact systemic whiteness has on curriculum, grading practices, and classroom climates all over the country.

Grace Helms Kotre

Grace Helms Kotre, MSW, is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor and Social Justice Educator. Grace’s passion for facilitating inner transformation and social change through contemplative practice informs her life and work. As the founder of Power to Be, LLC, she offers trainings and presentations on mindfulness as a tool for personal healing and equity-based social change. Grace also serves as an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Health & Human Services at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Grace has a background in community social work and human ecology, and she has been committed to a daily meditation practice for over ten years. As a white woman, Grace is continually in the work of understanding her own internalized white racial identity, white dominant culture, and racism. 

I thought that Tovi's practice and norms allowed us to voice some of the factors holding back the conversations with African American Families. The structure of the discussion allowed teachers be reflective on their bias toward these conversations and begin to plan on how to grow in this area.

Key Outcomes


Learn the “Sacred Pause” as an emotional regulation and competency tool

Other services that can be customized with a Racial Healing & Equity lens include:

What Clients Are Saying

This session was fire!!! I was challenged through so many critical lenses... If my being doesn't change the strategies don't matter.

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