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A Healing Portal

REST is Resistance Book Study

Honoring the Ancestors with REST, this Black History Month & Beyond…

Resting on the vision and invitation already laid out for book groups by The Nap Bishop, the vision is to contribute to “the work” of healing and transforming humanity from the toxicity that we've all experienced first-hand of “grind culture.”  We rest to wake.
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Presented by Tovi Scruggs-Hussein, Founder & CEO at Tici'ess


  • Contribute to the healing of humanity

  • Giving  - this is a free offering to honor Black History Month 



  • You have a high-quality and amazing transformational experience 

  • Process, execution, & experience is simple & easeful. Period.


You can register for this free offering with ease at the click of a button.

You can choose to read the book or not - you are still welcome in the space.

There will be 1 - 2 prompts per week shared with the community (via email & social media).

Our pace is intentionally slow. We will read/engage with 1 part of the book every two weeks.

There will be one gathering - a “nightcap” -  every 2 weeks for only 1 hour in the evening where we will dialogue and engage to share space in community to explore the concepts and have community care.  There will be opportunities to articulate our transformational experience on this journey.  And, of course, we will also meditate in this space - this is a time to pause and BE with this work.  You are encouraged to show up to the nightcaps in your resting/lounge wear.

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Our nightcap will be on Zoom (always the same link) but if you prefer to simply engage via Facebook Live, that is okay too.  There’s no special group, just register so you are sure to get the reflection questions and insights so you can participate at your comfort level.

Each session will be recorded and posted to YouTube.  We recognize that not everyone can attend “live” at the time of the nightcap.  Again, we are about ease & flow…so you can catch the recording.


YOU are invited…
Rest book study sign up

All 8:30  - 9:30 PM PST

Feb. 9

Welcome & Introduction of Book


Feb. 16

Part 1: REST!


March 23

Part 2: DREAM!


April 6

Part 3: RESIST!


April 20

Part 4: IMAGINE!


April 27

Restifesto Celebration

We gon’ rest hard and work easy. 
We look forward to resting with you.

I'm ready to REST!
Sign me up today.

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