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Updated: Sep 16, 2021

As we gear up for new, more innovative programming for next school year to support families, I hope that you will consider my book, Be a Parent Champion: A Guide to Becoming a Partner with Your Child’s School.  It is still doing quite well and parents find it to be an accessible, clear, and actionable read.

The strategies in it are timeless and parents keep coming back for more!  My approach is intentionally and unapologetically geared to African-American families - they feel it, know it, and love it.  They want to support their children, many don’t know how, and they trust me to tell it to them straight and give them the tools they need. 

Are you still looking for that “perfect” tool or workshop series for your African-American families for next year?  If so, then my book is it and I’m your person! I’ve got 10 books to share with 10 people who want to seriously consider partnering with me for next year as part of their district’s or organization’s family engagement programming. Just be one of the first 10 to respond to email me at with your mailing address. I’ve been facilitating in an online space for over 4 years, so I can deliver workshops that way too! Opening keynote for getting parents back on board and welcomed back to school? That’s me too! PTSA guest speaker? That’s me too! 

Might your administrators and /or teachers need a workshop on how to better serve and work with African-American families? That’s me too! In fact, you can get a taste right here.

Do you not need a book but want a proposal? Just let me know.

Parent Champion is an empowerment model of support that can be implemented immediately to increase parent engagement and student success.  The focus is to present solid strategies, tools, and support to empower parents to best serve their children to survive, thrive, and achieve in our educational systems.

Parent Champion will:

  1. Inspire parents to be better partners with teachers & the school

  2. Empower parents with tools to support our child’s academic success

  3. Educate parents on how to create a “college-going” attitude at home

  4. Create peace in your home from a shared set of expectations about school and clear strategies of how to reach those expectations



You are amazing!!! I got your book and already finished it! My son is a little mad because I used it to drum up a few discussions with him on school. He kept telling me to stop reading it! Ha! I see that as a good sign.  It is very powerful and so needed today. Thank you!

PAULA L., Mother of 2, Richmond, Virginia

As parents who had not attended college, following the “Parent Champion” principles laid out in this book, we were able to provide meaningful guidance to our daughter which enabled her to be a stronger student, more conscious of self, and better prepared to realize her goals. She is now in her third year at St. Mary’s College of California. I can assure you, though it is no easy task, with the in-your-face guidance outlined in this book, you will be a more powerful “Parent Champion” to your children! This book will enlighten, empower, challenge and guide you and your student successfully through the education process.

RHONDA, Mother of 2, Richmond, CA

As someone who has 4 kids in the school district, I know it can be hard. I think Parent Champion is an excellent source and tool, not only for those parents that want to become involved, but also for those that are involved but would like to be more effective.  It is applicable to all parents, and even teachers and staff, when it comes to the concept of partnerships between schools and parents.

AMBER, Mother of 4, San Lorenzo, CA

Parent Champion is a life saver for parents drowning in the rough seas of educating their children. Tovi Scruggs offers concrete, practical strategies to help parents sharpen the tools needed to mold successful offspring. By helping us to hone our coaching skills with our children, Parent Champion helps us to create our best parent selves, and thus creating our best hope for shaping the future.

LASHA, Mother of 3, Oakland, CA

This was just the book I needed! Between this and your “school-ish!” series, I feel more at ease and ready. 

JOI, Mother of 2, New Orleans, LA

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