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BE with Tovi:
Upcoming Leadership Development Events

Helping Humanity to Heal One Workshop at a Time

Here’s what I’m up to in the coming months! Some events are public programs—look for the REGISTER button for details. Events listed as private are closed to the public, but feel free to explore upcoming topics, clients and locations to see who I’m BE-ing with—and contact me to set up a private event for your organization. I’d love to share a learning and healing journey with you—I welcome you to join me!

Public Events

Tovi is an internationally recognized leader-of-leaders available for private and public speaking engagements.


Private Events

SLUSD (Monroe and Halkin) Professional Learning

November-April, 2023  |   San Leandro, CA

Dare to Lead for HR Dept of LBUSD

January, 2023  |   Long Beach, CA

Wellness & Resilience Series with LaFamilia

January, 2023  |   Bay Area, CA

RHA @ Rutgers U Private Course

February, 2023

Keynote & Workshop ACSA Equity Conf for Regions 5, 6 & 8

February, 2023

Let's Heal Our Schools & Systems with
Conscious, Connected, & Courageous Leaders®

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