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“Courageously Claiming Your Space”

April is upon us - and while it's been tricky to navigate the energies both personally and professionally - everything is getting cleared for YOUR GOOD!! Please trust this.

Was anyone else “out of sorts” last week? Don’t know about you, but I struggled to focus and find my rhythm. I kept forcing it - and felt like I was constricted. When it gets like that, I take that deep breath, look at my list, and then highlight the bare minimum of exactly what MUST get done…and let the rest go until I have the “space” for it. I just needed some space.; turns out that I also needed some “spring cleaning'' in my physical space in order to get to a clearer mental space. I had to be courageous to trust the inspiration and willingness will come from not forcing and honoring my inner-process instead.

This goes against the grain of what we’ve been taught for so long, but KNOW better. We. Know. Better. We just need the courage to do it.

As much as I wanted to push through, it just felt harder, so I leaned into courage and the vulnerability of risking “failure” by simply not getting it all done. Instead, my energy is back up, some totally ahhhmaaazing opportunities and ideas presented themselves in the wake of the “space” and I feel better for claiming my space. Please, please, please, use your courage and reflect on what it means to “claim your space.” The space IS yours - it IS there for you…waiting for you to claim it.

And while I’m on the topic of “courageously claiming space” - I’ve been blessed to keep getting more space to share the gifts of what I love: the SYNERGY of Leadership & Meditation. This synergy has been part of my work since 1994 - I can hardly believe it’s been that long! It keeps growing and I’m excited to share how you can “be” with me in this synergy along the way.

Sending you the courage to claim your space -


Wise@Work Series

FREE all April (listen to them while they’re free!) 😍

According to award-winning author Dr. Brene Brown, courage is a teachable skill that we can foster and develop -- and one that mindfulness can teach us to hone. Our latest Wise@Work series from Tovi Scruggs-Hussein covers the practice of being courageous and how to access this inner strength—so you can meet difficult situations with steadiness and grace and help create a more trusting and safe working environment for all your coworkers.


VisionWerk -- BE/DO Quarter 2

This Spring, our vision is sprouting, gently revealing itself through the soil. I’m curious to see what parts of your vision are peeking through, aren't you? Where are you feeling resistant to this new growth of your vision? Where are you allowing for the vision to emerge? What parts of your vision need to be fertilized? Wherever you are in your vision, trust the process of Divine Timing, like Nature it cannot be rushed and is always on time, keeping the rhythm of the cycle of readiness in your energy and life.

Register Now! April 24th 9 am - 10:30 am (PDT) Live Visioning Session on Zoom


Meditation Retreat

“The Sacred Pause: A Leadership & Meditation Retreat to BE More”

It’s FINALLY here! Next week, you will be able to courageously claim one of only 20 spots.

This all-inclusive, residential retreat is geared for those of us who value wellness and meditation as part of the foundation to stellar leadership. Each leader will have their own room with an ensuite bathroom. Everything you need will be provided - just bring you and some comfy clothes.

The retreat runs from Friday, October 7 @ 1 pm through Sunday, October 9 @ 1 pm at Vallombrosa Center in Menlo Park, CA.

If you are already feeling a “YES!” in your spirit, simply respond to this email and we will be sure you are “first dibs” on the registration information, where you will get more details, investment amount, and location pics.


Mindful Magazine

Only sharing because I can hardly believe that my work has been featured for another month in April’s issue of Mindful magazine, where a few of my meditations are used for the Day 2 focus of “Connect with Self-Care,” as part of a 10-Day self-guided retreat at home. I feel so honored and part of my journey in courageously claiming space is trusting that you, too, are happy for me. 💜



WOWZA!! Folks have already been reaching out to me and securing their keynote dates with me for Fall 2022. Very wise indeed! I turned down about 15 last Fall because folks waited. If you already know your date, the time to reach out is now . . . because you know ya’ girl will light up a mic!


“Standing Tovation”

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

Talk about courageously claiming space! This month’s award just felt like “THIS” makes sense! LOL! In her words, “It has taken 232 years and 115 prior appointments for a Black woman to be selected to serve on the Supreme Court of the US - but we’ve made it.” Justice Jackson stands on the shoulders of those who courageously claimed space before her. WE all do. Yet another reason to - because we are doing it for future generations to come.


Tovi is an innovative visionary, healer, and award-winning educator whose career in education began over 25 years ago. She is also the visionary behind the new movement of Racial Healing Allies™. From her lived experience, Tovi teaches on what the future of successful, resilient leadership will require: emotionally intelligent consciousness, connection, and courage.

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