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Quiet is My New Noise

Greetings Leaders. I’ve missed you. Perhaps you’ve noticed that I’ve not sent a newsletter or other communication in almost two months. I wanted to, but I just couldn’t. November got soooo loud! Somehow Black Friday became over two weeks long!! WTF?!?! It was so loud that I felt like I was adding to your “inbox noise” by sending even an encouraging thought or note. So, I paused and thought, “If they are feeling anything like me, then some quiet - one less email - would be a gift.” I’ve got lots to share about my two months hiatus from extra email, and to be honest, I’m still processing much of the quiet space I’ve been in for these last few months. Things are still busy, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a transformation happening in me that I’m needing to be more present to. The uncertain, liminal terrain of it is always scary, but what excites me is the deep knowing that this transformation will impact and benefit YOU…because leadership, love, and service is who I BE - and my transformation only fuels that BE-ingness. However you choose to spend the gifts of what our American-ized Winter season provides, I wish you moments of quiet that soothe your soul. In Love and Leadership,


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