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Just Breathe

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I thought I’d have some “fancy” message this month, but that’s not what is resonating as what is most needed at this moment. There’s enough noise, talking, voices...we need some silence, quiet, some peace.

So, I offer this: Just Breathe.

Take the three minutes you would to read my short message and instead, breathe.

Connecting to our breath is our source of power, connecting to our breath is a regulator. And, sometimes, all that is needed is a few moments of connecting to ourselves through our breath. So I thought about writing a whole lot about “why” that is. But instead, I'm going to invite you to take the three minutes that you would use to read my message to just sit and breathe. Inhale and exhale, being intentional that you're breathing from your stomach area, so you're massaging your nervous system. I'm going to stop writing now so that you have this time to pause and breathe. I’m trusting you will feel a bit better. Yes, it's all still pretty hard, but together we will make it through.

I love you. ❤️

And of course, there’s always some goodness that's coming your way for your healing and inclusive leadership.

Committed to you & your most courageous self -


We listened and we heard you - not everyone is able to have the luxury of the 9-week elite experience...and that’s okay - we’ve got you. ❤️ Our DTL Leadership Intensive is from January 27 - 29, 2021! Only 40 seats for this! First come, first served until we fill up...and you know we will! 😉 Last time, all seats were filled in record time - 6 days! NOTE: If you’re signing up a team/group, please email us and we can arrange for a PO.

It IS time - it’s been time - to go deeper in your racial healing. Our 11-session course “Embodied Allyship'' begins November 8. Cost is on a sliding scale. You can earn CEUs and it is ICF approved for credits as well! Plus, you earn an anti-bias certificate. What’s extra-impactful about this 11-session course is that it is intimate and we engage in the process of writing our healing and transformative racial autobiographies with the masterful Cara Jones. I invite you to check out our FB Live here where we talk about the power and compassion of the course.


We invite you to a free 2-hour session on Monday, Oct. 25th from 4 - 6 PM PST. Join us! This session will be an introduction to our approach and includes content on racial healing in relation to systemic whiteness and implicit bias. If you like the session and our approach, we hope that you’ll consider joining us for our longer “Embodied Allyship” course! RSVP

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