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Magical May

It's Magical May! That’s what I keep affirming and telling myself :) It’s also Mental Health Month, AAPI Month, Haitian Heritage Month, Jewish American Heritage Month. That’s a LOT - and it’s all important. I continue to spread the message that once we are truly inclusive, these months will not need to be focal points because we will be honoring, celebrating, recognizing all of who we are and what we bring to the collective from an inclusive lens - the lens will be the way, not part of the way.

Until then, we stay steadfast in contributing to a world and society that we do not need to heal from. How do we do this? Truly, we focus on ourselves, not others. I know - sounds counter-narrative and counter-intuitive, but it works (and is less stressful). The greatest control you have is over you, not your family, not your friends, not your colleagues - YOU. By focusing on you being your best and most-inclusive self, you lead by BE-ing AND by DO-ing. Your leadership models the way and inspires others simply by the way you be and do. It’s a much easier stance than trying to fix/change others - because in the end that is impossible.

As a leader of equity, it took time for me to come to this understanding - and part of it came from the many years of my meditation practice because meditation supports us in being less judgmental and controlling (but that’s for another time!). I’ll never forget the young, White teacher who came into my office when I was Principal Scruggs, and she said to me, “Tovi, I love this school and I love our mascot. But I love our students more. And if the mascot is hurtful to them, then it’s not a good mascot.” This was a teacher who graduated from the school she now teaches - the mascot had sentimental value for her. No amount of arguing was going to change her mind about how the mascot was racist - I had tried that approach ;) What changed her mind was seeing the bigger picture of us working collectively to create a safe, inclusive space for all students and families to be valued. A place where inclusion would be the way, not part of the way.

Sending Leadership Love your way -


Meditation Retreat

“The Sacred Pause: A Leadership & Meditation Retreat to BE More”

This retreat is the gateway to SELf-Transformation for School & Systemic Transformation. Retreats like this are for leaders who KNOW the power of what a retreat can do to support us in our leadership. The great leaders know that retreats serve their leadership. We take this time “in service of” those we serve. We are never our best leadership selves when we are not clear or not energetic. Retreats energize, retreats provide clarity. Retreat.

There are no longer 20 spots because folks are courageously claiming them! As of now, there is still room for YOU.


Save the Dates

October 13 - 15, 2022

3 Full days from 8 AM - 4 PM PST

It's that time! If you’ve been wanting to get Dare to Lead Trained with me or you’ve wanted to send your staff or colleagues, now is the time to mark your calendars and get on the VIP List! By getting on the VIP List, once the registration doors open, you will be the very first to know, giving you a few days lead time to claim your seats -- there are only 40 seats total, so don't wait!

  • Do you want a private Dare to Lead team retreat in person?

  • Do you want a private training for your organization?

Please reach out so we can discuss, as my calendar is filling up!



WOWZA!! Folks have already been reaching out to me and securing their keynote dates with me for Fall 2022. Very wise indeed! I turned down about 15 last Fall because folks waited. If you already know your date, the time to reach out is now . . . because you know ya’ girl will light up a mic!



COSEM Equity Conversations

“Moderator turns Guest”

COSEM President Tovi Scruggs-Hussein is pleased to be the guest for our final Equity Convo for the 2021-22 Academic Year. On May 16 at 4 PM CST, Tovi will guide us through exploring the competencies and way-of-being necessary to "lead for equity" at all levels of our educational system - from a lens of emotional intelligence and SEL, of course! After this mini-lesson, there will be an opportunity for dialogue and Q & A. We hope you join us!


MBSEL Micro-Credential Program

Are you an educator committed to the integration of mindful awareness practices throughout your school day to create a foundation for healing and all learning?!

Consider completing Coalition of Schools Educating Mindfully's MBSEL Micro-Credential Program. It is grounded in research and best practice and lets others know that you have knowledge of the fundamentals of Mindfulness-Based Social and Emotional Learning (MBSEL) and the skillset to lead basic MBSEL practices and lessons.

Check out this learning module with Gina Harris, a climate and culture coach and leader in the MBSEL field; 25 learning modules are included in the program.

Our other program presenters are Tovi C. Scruggs-Hussein, Athea Davis, Lindsey Frank, Khayree Bey and Matt Dewar. Earn 30 PD hours or CEUs or 2 graduate credits. Learn more here!


Tovi is an innovative visionary, healer, and award-winning educator whose career in education began over 25 years ago. She is also the visionary behind the new movement of Racial Healing Allies™. From her lived experience, Tovi teaches on what the future of successful, resilient leadership will require: emotionally intelligent consciousness, connection, and courage.

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