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Explore our Unique Approach to Racial Healing in this Five-Article Series with Mindful Magazine


This first article in a series with Mindful highlights the importance of bringing mindfulness to our work for racial justice and identifies six critical elements of racial healing. 

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March 2024

The second article of our series with Mindful emphasizes the importance us practicing mindfulness for challenging bias. 

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April 2024

The third article of our series with Mindful challenges us to build compassion and courage into our toolkit for racial healing.

Check back soon for articles 4 and 5!

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Honoring African American parents as partners in education

Educators must explicitly grant families of color authentic access to share their voices. That means allowing ourselves to be more uncomfortable than they are and not pulling rank by posture, tone or title.


Trauma-informed leadership in schools: From the inside-out

The foundation of being a trauma-informed leader is transformational “inside-out” work that heals adult trauma and develops social-emotional intelligence. How can we teach what we do not embody?


What's the data behind the data?

The numbers don't lie. For decades, the disaggregated data of our schools has been heartbreaking. I assert that there are adult data metrics we ignore that directly contribute to the problematic trends we find in our school data.

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Playing your part in the orchestra of leadership

No matter where we are or what we're doing, our values are the fundamental notes our instruments play. They should be heard and felt in everything we do. Identifying your two values will help you stay conscious and connected in your leadership. 

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