Event + Response = Outcome

-Jack Canfield

Tovi's Signature Coaching Program:

Emotionally Intelligent Equity & Inclusion Coaching

Outstanding leaders ask themselves this critical question,“How do I want my leadership to

BE experienced?” - Tovi

Tovi has taken her over 25 years of emotional intelligence work and combined them with her over 25 years of leading for equity and inclusion. This combination highlights Tovi’s approach that is rooted in an empowerment-model, empowering each client to heal, grow, and evolve. Emotional Intelligence is the foundation of a leader's success. Self-awareness is the foundation of being emotionally intelligent. Combining emotional intelligence with equity and inclusion work, Tovi works with clients to become more self-aware, connected, and courageous in empowering themselves and others. This allows clients to show up as leaders who embody the ways-of-being that they want to see in themselves, their teams, and their organizations. The work of equity and inclusion is embodiment work; it must be cultivated from the inside-out.

Leadership is fundamentally about facilitating performance. Our teams don’t perform well when they do not feel good.  How does your leadership make them feel? Research has proven that a leader’s emotional intelligence is key to their capacity to facilitate emotions in others that drive high performance and employee engagement. Organizations with emotionally intelligent leaders achieve a critical level of sustainable competitive advantage: a high performance culture and customer loyalty.

To support the development and growth of emotionally intelligent leaders, Tovi utilizes the Genos International Emotional Intelligence 360 Assessment tool. The program includes one assessment and debrief with a full report incorporating insights, benefits, practice development tips and next steps that are immediately actionable. Please visit  Leadership Assessments to download a sample of the "Leadership" 360 Behavior Report.

In addition to standard performance measurement against a broad norm group, a unique feature of the Genos model is that it includes a secondary measure of a rater's view of how important a particular skill is to them with how well s/he believes the person being rated exhibits that specific skill. Working with Tovi in her unique approach, she has coupled the Genos report to develop your emotional intelligence and links the findings to the equity and inclusion areas mutually identified for growth.

Now, just imagine, the success of not only an emotionally intelligent leader, but one who can also embody and foster equity, inclusion, and belonging for all members of their organization with skillfulness. There wouldn’t be anything you couldn’t achieve for the greater good.

"Who we are is how we lead.”

Brene Brown


Tovi provides 2 types of coaching services:

Just-in-Time, one-time coaching sessions

$250/45 MINS



Want to learn more?

Tovi’s signature workshop:
“Emotional Intelligence:
Mindfulness as an Equity Tool”


“Educating the mind without educating the heart
is no education at all.”

– Aristotle

This workshop incorporates SEL to explore the foundation of emotional intelligence in order to help school leaders and teachers thrive and build the core skills needed for peak performance, especially as it relates to equity work and creating trauma-sensitive environments. We will explore components of mindfulness-based emotional intelligence, mental and emotional resilience, and engagement. In addition, participants will explore scientifically proven methods of mental conditioning and attention-training that improve creativity, communication, productivity, and personal and school/classroom leadership. Also, participants will learn varied mindfulness and reflection practices that support happiness, thriving and overall well-being. The result is enhanced self-awareness and authenticity, better communication skills, stronger relationship-building skills, and the ability to lead and teach with greater presence – which supports a better school environment and better school and stakeholder relationships.

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Emotional intelligence is learned. It is the ability to manage your own emotions and the emotions of those around you. Using Emotional Intelligence, leaders are able to direct emotions into positive outcomes. Emotional Intelligence results in less negativity, high-performing teams, and solving problems quickly.



  • Self-Awareness

  • Awareness of Those
    Around You

  • Authenticity

  • Emotional Reasoning

  • Self-Management

  • Positive Influence

Key Messages


Mindfulness supports deeper learning of equity work and cultural-proficiency to improve work with youth and people of color, resulting in greater authenticity, connection, and well-being.

Search Inside Yourself™ Leadership Training


Unlock Our Schools' Full Potential

What would our schools look like at peak performance? Whatever your answer to this question, it is possible, and this training is for you. 


We incorporate a specific focus on leadership in education at the classroom, school and central office level. Developed at Google and based on the latest in neuroscience research, the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) program teaches attention and mindfulness training that builds the core emotional intelligence skills needed for effective leadership in all contexts.

Schools Utilize Search Inside Yourself™ Training
to Help Educational Leaders:

Reduce stress
and experience reduced negative incidences

courageous policy making and innovation
Respond to
situations in a
thoughtful, logical manner
Develop collaboration among staff, parents and educators

Key Messages


Self-awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence, and a building block for effective decision-making.

What Clients Are Saying

Well done!!
Can't wait to employ these concepts at work
and in my personal life! Thank you!

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