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You Cannot Teach
What you Do Not Embody

-Tovi Scruggs-Hussein

Tovi lives what she teaches.  Not only is her work inspiring and transformative, so is her message. Through sharing her personal and professional experiences, Tovi is able to connect her audience to “journey within” and tap into their own resilience, their own transformation, their own empowerment. Tovi’s journey began as a child in the 1970’s, attending both inner-city and privileged schools. She lost her mother as a young teen to a disease intended to create shame. Tovi was known as an overachiever in college and as a young teacher and went on to co-found her own private school after suffering the hurts of our school system.

She returned to the public school system, transformed and healed, to become an award- winning principal and take the helm of state-level professional and leadership roles.

With the nature of her direct and compassionate speaking-style, hearts are opened and empathy
is ignited.  Her lessons on SELf-Transformation

for School & Systemic Transformation™ are key
to creating conscious, courageous and connected

Ever-Present Themes:

Courageous Leadership

Equity & Racial Healing/Allyship   

 Emotional Intelligence


Self-Care & Wellness 


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Come, let’s heal. Come, BE with me. Together, you will do the work, and I will
show you how.

Tici'ess, Inc. 
4200 Park Blvd, #237 Oakland, 
CA 94602

Social: @goddessatwork

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