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Cocoons Are For ALL Of Us!

Lately, I’ve been deeply moved by two things: the presence of Nature and the power of my Voice. I’m knowing that both are divinely connected and fueled from the same Source. This picture is one I took on a walk last week with my Abba...I was so amazed by how a fern appears to have its very own cocooning process as it readies to “birth/bloom” into the world as a gentle but mighty leaf, almost from its own unique fetal position. Not sure about you, but I had never considered a plant “cocooning” above ground.

I believe we mirror Nature when we are most in the flow of Life. Over the past few months, I’ve been quieter on social media and realized that my Voice has been cocooning as well.

Part of this process has been being quieter and also letting my thoughts find “voice” in me. How do I share what feels scary but must be said? How do I offer thought-leadership to a field of other greats? How do I stand in my confidence to trust that what I am giving voice to is powerful and supportive - and that people will actually listen/read?

Well, practicing patience and self-compassion, my answer is one I would give to a relative/friend/colleague/client: “It’s still early spring, so allow yourself to still be in process, honoring the stages of your growth, and let yourself BE.” (Breathe that in, then say it to yourself again, breathing again. See how it feels).

If you are anything like me and like a little humor in our deep, reflective professional spirituality, this pic is for you!

Committed to you & your most courageous self -

And while TOTALLY NEW offerings are still cocooning in me, please check all of this goodness out in the meantime! First, Racial Healing Allies & then some Dare to Lead biz!

Racial Healing Allies

Cohort #5 begins next Wednesday, April 14! In case you want to spread the word or even get more sign-ups of teams/groups at work, now is the time! We've purposefully made it during the workday to encourage/support normalizing this work as part of having more inclusive organizations. This way, there's also "protected time" for it and people don't feel so "drained from one more thing." So many people in our orgs want to dig into this work and often just need the nudge to know "it's okay." Here’s your link to the introductory 4-week course. You don’t need to do this work alone - it’s too hard. Spread the word and cultivate more allyship in your community!

COMING IN FALL 2021: Sorry for the delay on this, but as I’ve shared, you just can’t rush Nature and the cocooning process. So, instead of this being “forced” we’ve decided to wait so that the bloom is gorgeous! We are announcing an opportunity for YOU to be able to lead others in the RHA approach and work. As long as you have taken the 4-week and are enrolled in the 11 week (or completed it already), you qualify! You will need to be able to lead an in-tact, in-organization small group/team that you are a member of. Details will come this summer...

Dare To Lead

We’ve got THREE BIGGIES! Might you be as excited as I am about all of this courageous leadership?!?!

ONE: Brene says, “Collective courage in an organization is the best predictor of ability to be successful in terms of culture, leadership development, and meeting the mission.” Because of this, Brene has unleashed “Daring Teams” and Julie & I are hosting a free informational session on how YOU can lead your own organization through DTL. To qualify, you’ve had to be (or will be by the end of summer!) DTL Trained. (Feel free to send a colleague in your place, as it will not recorded)

TWO: Save-the-Dates: DTL Leadership Immersion Program September 14 - November 9, 2021. Here, we've got a serious depth of transformation in your courageous leadership. I will never be able to say enough about the power of doing this over 9 weeks along with private coaching sessions and thought-partnership. If you truly can do this, it’s where the magic happens on an entirely different level. Registration will open for 24 “elite” seats next month.

THREE: We listened and we heard you - not everyone is able to have the luxury of the 9-week elite experience...and that’s okay - we’ve got you. 💖 Julie & I are now offering our first Summer Leadership Intensive Training from July 15 - 17, 2021! Only 40 seats for this! VIP Registration is OPEN until April 15 only. “VIP” means that you’ve already been DTL trained with us and you are signing up some folks in your org OR you’ve met with one of us and said “yes” already - and were waiting on us to get you a registration link (you will have it by EOD April 6)! For other folks interested/planning to sign up for this MARK YOUR CALENDARS for April 16...that’s the day we will make the registration link public and send you an e-blast with the link. First come, first served until we fill up...and you know we will 😉

Time for Tovi-Talk?

I get lots of questions via email - and I just can’t keep up. Often, your question is one that is shared by many - I get them all the time in workshops and keynotes. I’m on tech/Zoom overload too ya’ll, yet, I so badly want to answer the call and stay on purpose in love and service to you. Knowing there had to be a better way, I searched my soul. I’m going to start answering your questions in video format - it’s more fun, it's easier, and your question is helping others! YES to collective transformation and information! Plus, my answer will prob be more thorough since I don’t have to type it, lol! So, if you’ve got a question for me, please email and stay tuned for your answer on FB & IG. Don’t worry, it will be kept anonymous!

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