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No More "Dirty Yes!"

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Giving a "Clean Yes"

Improving work/life balance is big for me in 2020. And you know me - I’m not very “traditional!” Part of what is bringing me greater balance is my resolve to no longer give a “DIRTY YES.”

Simply put, I am no longer saying “yes” if it doesn’t resonate with what I want to do or how I want to spend my time, both personally and professionally. I want to honor myself and honor others by giving a “CLEAN YES” that has love in it. I've spent my last 3 weeks putting this into action - and, I have to admit - it’s been challenging at times, but it is getting easier. And I am noticing that I am even being met with better things to say “yes” to!

It’s like The Universe is honoring me with more “yes!” options that resonate because I am honoring myself. It's even translated into more income with even greater spaciousness - and that's what I'm talking 'bout in 2020 too! And to all of that, I give a whole-hearted YES!!

Sacred Pause

NOW. Right. Now. Is a great time to simply take 3 very deep breaths. Get them deep into your belly, hold a moment, then slowly exhale. Don't judge, simply notice, and then return to your next moment with greater calm and centeredness. When we connect to our breath, we connect to our power. When we connect to our power, we can give a clean yes.

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