Heal Our Systems

By Cultivating Conscious, Connected, & Courageous Leaders

Tovi Scruggs-Hussein is on a Mission to Heal Our Schools & Systems.

SELf-Transformation for School & Systemic Transformation™

Tovi facilitates training and keynote events by providing leadership development and business consultation through emotional intelligence competencies, trauma-responsiveness, racial healing & equity, and family engagement with an SEL lens to organization leaders and teams.

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Leaders See
These Results from Working with Tovi:

Equity & Trauma Informed Lens
for higher outcomes

Ability to respond to
situations in a
thoughtful, logical manner
negative incidences and crisis events
Skills to use
and integrate immediately
into practice for both teams and self
Increased self-reflection
for a mindset-shift for positive change

As an educator, published author, integral coach and award-winning urban high school principal, Tovi Scruggs-Hussein knows that self-mastery is the first step to healing our broken school systems.

Mindfully and lovingly, Tovi empowers courageous, connected, and conscious leaders and service-organizations to break patterns of ineffective leadership and BE more.

Let's Heal Our Schools & Systems by
Cultivating Conscious, Connected, & Courageous Leaders™

I’ve been to a lot of Trauma related PD, but this was BY FAR the best one I have been to. I was so engaged and they build such a welcoming environment that people felt they could be vulnerable.

Decreased negative incidences and crisis events mean your organizational leaders and educators have more time to focus on students and learning.

Tici’ess Leadership Training Programs are designed for the unique problems of your organization, scalable, accessible, created by leaders for leaders.

Smart and actionable strategic plans for continued organizational success and improvement designed to integrate with your systems and achieve your leadership goals.

Tici’ess was featured as a resource in The Association of California School Administrators’ Mental Wellness Toolkit for Educators, highlighting the impact of her work in mindfulness and social-emotional learning on the California school system. 

Understanding trauma and how to lead with mindfulness and empathy are so critical to the success of our schools and students, especially during times like now. You can lean on this toolkit as a guide, a daily practice, or a resource for raising the important questions and starting the dialogue on social-emotional learning in our schools.


What Clients Are Saying

Well done!!
Can't wait to employ these concepts at work
and in my personal life! Thank you!

Leadership training and business consulting produces educators who are less stressed out, have courageous conversations with staff and parents, better self-regulation, emotional control, dismantle inequities, and are more connected to themselves and to others.

Upcoming Adult SEL/SEL Events

Attend one of Tovi Scruggs-Hussein's speaking engagements and workshops for leaders, teachers and parents. Areas of focus include Trauma-Informed Leadership, Racial Healing & Equity, Family Engagement, Emotional Intelligence, and Integral Self-Mastery. Tovi is also a certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator.

Tovi is an internationally recognized expert available for private and public speaking engagements.

Organizations Served

Work with Tovi

These Leadership Training Programs are designed for the
unique problems of your organization, scalable, accessible, and created by leaders 
for leaders.
Educational Leadership Facilitator Tovi Scruggs-Hussein

Cultivating Conscious, Connected, & Courageous Leaders™

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