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We are an educational services company that provides leadership development through emotional intelligence competencies, trauma-responsiveness, racial healing & equity, and family engagement through a SEL lens to educational leaders and teachers.

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Professional Spirituality™ Workshops


Tovi Scruggs-Hussein recognizes and embraces Professional Spirituality as an essential foundation for emotional intelligence, Adult SEL, family engagement, and racial healing & equity training. As a building block for that training, Tovi offers several workshops including.


Vision Quest: From Becoming to BE-ing


Prepare now for your Vision. Tap into and develop your “professional spirituality” to guide the vision for your life, your leadership, and manifesting the Vision to guide your way. Vision is the physician. A clear vision can heal a situation, guide a mission, and allow you to consistently live from a place of clarity and alignment, supporting you to be the great leader you aim to be.


In this highly experiential workshop, learn the power of vision and the practice of “visioning” to activate your vision from a place of inner-work and inner-preparation of be-ing that allows and supports deep clarity before taking action. Visioning clears the way for living in alignment and flow. Often effortless, “visioning” embraces the ABC’s of living in “flow” - Allowing, Be-ing, and Creating. When your vision is clear, your decisions are easy.

The Power of Vision & Visioning


Allowing, Be-ing, & Creating: Vision is the physician.  A clear vision can heal a situation, guide a mission, and/or allow you to consistently live from a place of clarity.  Learn the power of vision as well as the practice of visioning to activate your vision from a place of inner-work and inner-preparation of be-ing that allows deep clarity before taking action.  Often effortless, visioning allows you to embrace new ways-of-being and navigate internal shifts to manifesting and living the highest vision for your life. When your vision is clear, your decisions are easy.

Meditation 101


Meditation is a tool that allows you to connect to your own best teacher and source of wisdom – you.  Embracing meditation as a practice to connect to our inner-voice of guidance, we will explore the simplistic precepts of beginning-level meditation both conceptually and experientially.

Crafting a Mission Statement for Your Life


Alignment of your words, actions, and thoughts is critical to success.  By spending time focusing and crafting a written statement that speaks to how and why you live and lead, you will have a critical tool to govern your life from a place of purpose and integrity each day.  You will write your personal roadmap to guide your daily choices, align your actions, and use the power of your word to manifest the life you desire.

Vision Boards & Creation Pages


Using our inner and outer creative selves, vision boards and creation pages are a tool to allow us to incorporate manifestation principles and/or all 3 forms of meditation simultaneously if used properly.

Creating the Flow


This workshop is designed with the intention of balancing work and relaxation to create the care-free life experience you dream of. Exploratory and experiential with a series of activities that result in a personalized roadmap of your professional and personal success that captures your vision and helps you get in the flow – an alignment of your desires, goals, actions, and results.   In essence, you will learn to create from the flow of your spirit, honoring that flow to increase your time, productivity, joy, creativity, and success.

Conscious Creative Action: Living & Leading with Time & Spaciousness


Busy-ness is a distraction (a dis-attraction).  Do you want to create more time in your life? Do you have projects and ideas you’d like to develop but don’t have the time or the discipline to move forward on your ideas and goals?  Do you want to implement a deeper commitment of action to your life’s purpose and work? This workshop will empower you to shift the trajectory of your life to step into action and create!  In this workshop, you will learn about the new Creation Formula™ and other tried and true strategies to learn to create from the flow of life. The course uses a balance of practical tools & strategies along with spiritual tools (meditation, visioning, & Creation Pages™).  At the end of this learning journey, you will have the tools to live your life more consciously and know how to take conscious creative action on your goals, projects, and dreams – and still have time to enjoy your life.

Visioning Achievement


Spiritual Tools for Teaching and Leading: Learn steps and tools to embrace the “educator’s lifestyle” with ease and flow.  Designed for the spiritually-conscious educator of any age, explore and understand how spiritual tools and practices can be used to create greater work-life balance, more time in your day, more positive classroom/school climate, and improve student-achievement in order to fulfill your career and life aspirations to experience the life you envisioned.

It is critical that we
heed the teachings of

Parent Champion, and I encourage parents to unify
to demand higher standards and results from our schools, participate more fully in the realization of those expectations, serve as contributing authors of the agendas in our schools, and take more definitive action
in our homes.  Parent Champion shares important aspects of exactly how you can do that.

-Tovi Scruggs-Hussein

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