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Be selfish...they lied!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Lately, I’ve become more selfish - and I like it. What I was taught about being selfish just wasn’t true. It’s not mean. It’s not neglectful. It’s not, well, selfish. Becoming more selfish has helped me continue to be of service. Becoming more selfish has helped me to heal. I’ve learned to relax more, do less email in a day, unplug, and slow down. Heck, even my right jaw is loosening (don’t judge, I teach this stuff because I need it too!). My biggest growth this month was to get more comfortable with saying “no” - and it has not been easy! It felt so selfish! I’ve been such a busy-body! My Daddy and his friends didn’t nick-name me “To-Biz” (toe-biz) for nothing! Into adulthood, my busy-ness was tethered to the false belief that being busy must make me important, so I must be valuable and worthy, hence tied to my self-worth. Questioning and deepening my own self-worth has allowed me to become self-full….but it started with bucking the status quo and daring to be selfish. I got to the point where I looked in the mirror one day and thought, “Nah...I’ve busied myself out so it just isn’t fun anymore.”

To be selfish, I’ve learned, is truly to be more self-full. I am becoming my own full self. I’ve learned to become more centered in self, full enough to pour into others - like a deep well of energy - from a place of “center” - self-centered. When I am centered, the quality of what I do is that much better. The people I serve feel it - it allows me to be with them with greater presence because I simply have more to give. And that feels like the most selfish thing I could ever do.My hope for you and your leadership is that you get more selfish. I’m going to keep practicing it.

Let’s practice together.

Loving you -

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