Lots of Learning & Lots of News!

WARNING: This opening article is longer than most - and there’s this video to enjoy the ride with me!

Summer 2022 will be one for the books! I got a beautiful lesson from My Higher Self in transformation, growth, and healing AND I’ve had one of the most fun-filled summers that I can recall - even before the pandemic. MY SOUL NEEDED THIS SUMMER. While I thought I needed rest, I got a far deeper lesson that supports rest: BALANCE. I am grateful that our collective-narrative is turning to rest, yet you know me: I’m gonna be that leader that goes deeper into the root cause of the issue. This lens has helped me to solve problems and situations at their core, not the symptom. This means that I look for the CONDITIONS that create the issue and then do my best to replace them with conditions that alleviate the issue.

So while I deeply needed rest, I needed to look more deeply into WHY I needed the depth of rest that a simple vacation or weekend of downtime wouldn't cure. As I rested and unplugged, I learned that I was generating conditions in my life that left me exhausted: overscheduling, too much technology (including TV), too much clutter, and creative-boredom (who knew?!?! More on that later…still processing - whew!) This summer, I learned to create conditions of balance. I set out to start my summer in the final days of June in Leavenworth, WA at the Sleeping Lady Resort. It was gorgeous! I had the pleasure to serve over 80 private school leaders from NorthWest Association of Independent Schools and then I parlayed that into 3 days to spend solo time in nature glamping at the resort. BALANCE: work, play, rest. From there, I returned home to a very intentional week off of work and some forest-bathing, self-care appointments, including Kaiser. I also reconnected with three friends. BALANCE: spaciousness, connection, and tending to self. Also, I was downright lazy - my “to-do” list had been pushed aside, completely!! A true highlight of my summer was taking a week at an AirBnB in New Mexico, where my Racial Healing Allies Team met to support me in designing a certification program that’s been in my dreams for several years. Guess what? It launches next week - stay tuned! My 70-year old Uncle Ken met me in New Mexico for our 2nd Annual hiking extravaganza!!! (Last year was PCT!) I was not “tent-minded” this year! LOL So, we day-tripped all over NM and slept at the AirB&B after great dinners to repeat the day bright and early! BALANCE: connection, work, play, purpose. And then we road-tripped back to Oakland on a 17-hour trek for me to transition from Summer into supporting leaders this school year and beyond from a more grounded, wise, and balanced place in my heart. And while all of this was happening, my soul got clearer on its desires, purpose, and some pretty awesome manifestations that we all get to be blessed with. From Summer 2022, my heart is full, my leadership is clear, and I have a renewed commitment to BALANCE in my life.

I hope these reflections on balance will encourage you to explore the power of balance in your own life - and to create the conditions that give you greater balance.

I know this opening article was longer than most, thank you for listening and sharing the journey with me.

Excited for us all!



If you’re an older leader, you can’t help but see “ch-ch-changes” and then sing David Bowie’s song, right?!?! 😁 And if you’re a younger leader, maybe you need the version from Shrek! 😂 Okay - I digress! BIG CHANGE! My Team. I’ve onboarded a new Sacred Support Leader, Tracy Heilers. I’m excited to announce that Tracy is joining my team as the key Sacred Support Leader. She is the founder of Coalition of Schools Educating Mindfully (COSEM) and we’ve worked closely together the last three years during my term as the nonprofit’s president and board chair. COSEM has grown significantly and is now transitioning to a multi-person operational team, freeing Tracy up to do other work that aligns with her gifts. We’ll both stay intimately involved with COSEM, me as the Director of Equity and her as an integral member of the operational team. I’ve also onboarded JoAnna Bullock, but I’m saving deets on that until September! ❤️


New Offerings - Save These Dates! Embodied Allyship™ In partnership with Search Inside Yourself Global Tuesdays, 4-6:30 PT in October & November EI² & RHA Facilitator Certification First Session Jan 26 - 29…stay tuned for a detailed email by August 10! This one is a BIGGIE, ya’ll!! In-Person 3-Day Dare to Lead Training Seattle, WA, Feb 23 - 25