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Real Professionals Rest

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

I wanted to send some “knock your socks” off type of December blog to you...that’s why it’s late in the month (again...) that you are receiving this. But, like most of you whom I serve, December can be one of the hardest months for us as we crawl to the “rest stop” on the journey of the school year.

This month, I wanted to offer you some hella-deep reflection. You know - all that “good stuff” that was gonna make you sit back and get deep with me about lessons learned in 2020, yada-yada....And then I realized it: I’m too tired to even reflect. Quality reflection takes energy, and the energy to reflect is just something I don’t have right now. Probably next week (well, maybe) but definitely not on a Friday, where we’re metaphorically crawling to the “rest stop.”

Instead, I’m going to pour into my cup and yours a few things about REST that are really resonating with me right now:

One of my favorite phrases that is anchoring me to a resolve of rest: “Real professionals rest.” This quote is a true gift offered @sistersiesta.

“REST” begins with the prefix “re” because it requires us to go back (re-turn) to a prior state. It is a second chance (a re-do) at an opportunity to put back in order anything that has shifted out of alignment of what is best for us and our lives. (!) This statement is an adaptation of the wise words of Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith.

REST is about do-ing differently so that you can BE differently. It’s about doing something good for you, but it's also about NOT doing. What can you NOT do to restore yourself?

RESTing is an act of courageous leadership in our culture of over-doing, over-thinking, over-planning, over-everything-ing. How can you practice courageous leadership of resting and giving others you lead permission to do the same?

REST is both my birthright and my reward for being in service of my calling. I am a servant-leader. As a servant, I need rest. It is non-negotiable and required or I suffer and can’t be at my best as a leader (yep, obviously still practicing embodying this fully!)

REST is sacred.

“Our work is sacred and so are we.”

So, for the rest of this month (no pun intended!), I resolve to REST. I want to rest SO THAT I can reflect, synthesize my hard-earned lessons, and restore my reserves for what is coming for 2021.

If you are curious about how there are 7 types of rest and where you may need to improve on rest in your life, I invite you to take Dr. Dalton-Smith’s Rest Quiz. Changed the game for me!

Do you like the graphic in this blog? It’s a gift for you! Feel free to download your “reminder poster” here - there are 4 versions for you to choose from!

So, as we close out December AND 2020, my hope for you and your leadership is that you get more selfish, practice a “No”vember attitude, and practice RESTING. I’m going to keep practicing. As always, let’s practice together.

As 2020 winds down...

INSPIRATION to encourage you to rest and restore, two dear colleagues are providing free gifts:

CELEBRATING who was be-ing with Tovi in December...

“May Rest be Our Resolve” because “real professionals rest.”

Committed to you & your best leadership -

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