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BE-ing of Service

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

I love my new pin.  I bought it for myself a few days before my birthday.  If they’d had two, then my Dare to Lead Accountability Partner, Julie, would have gotten one too (but it’s MY birthday, so this one is mine, lol!) This pin is special because it speaks to my heart-set and mind-set right now...allowing my courage to rise.  Courage in this moment to thrive, but also courage in this moment to LEAD us all to thrive in this challenging time.  “My courage always rises.” What a powerful affirmation!

As part of my emotionally intelligent mindful leadership training, the question we are taught/trained to ask is “What would be of service in this moment?”  I have been sitting with that question for a few days.  The answer came quickly - and so did fear, which created some delay.  Yet, “my courage always rises” and so now I take inspired action on how I feel I could best serve.

Be-ing of service to you, I have created these offerings.

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